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Peer Support Groups

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OSI-CAN provides Community-based Peer Support Groups for our target demographic, Military/Veteran members and Public Safety Personnel (Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Corrections, Healthcare). Our groups address the challenges of OSI/PTSI through the neutrality of safe spaces and free, confidential, lived experience support. No diagnosis is required, just the courage to attend and find helpful information and resources.

Some peer support group meetings are conducted via Zoom and others are held in-person. Please contact a support group leader near you to request or receive an invite if you wish to attend. If there is no group near you, you may choose any available group from the list below.

For further information, please contact one of our Provincial Coordinators at: or call 250-251-1653

OSI-CAN Peer Group Contacts

Provincial Coordinators
Question? Contact Us.

Ron Blinn, ACP

Provincial Co-ordinator (British Columbia)

(250) 251-1653


OSI-CAN Peer Groups 

Groups may require pre-registration to ensure availability and the confidentiality of participants. To register, simply contact the group lead nearest you.

Burns Lake 

Every Thursday night @19:00 hrs (meeting in-person)

Ron Bren, Support Group Leader 



Facebook Groups

The First Responders Cafe




British Columbia Resources

Mental Health Helpline 24/7:1-877-303-2642
CMHA Distress Line 24/7: 310-6789

For Community Resources Call 211

 BC Provincial Coordinator: 250-251-1653

The target demographic of OSI-CAN are but are not limited to: former and serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Allied Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Frontline Protectors --- which include Municipal Police Services, CN Police Services, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Protection Services, Hospital Trauma personnel, Nurses, Social Workers, Coroners, Indigenous Emergency Management, Emergency Communications Specialists, Victim Services Personnel,  Wildland Firefighters, Corrections Officers, “Volunteer” First Responders, Conservation Officers, Aboriginal Emergency Services personnel, Tow Truck drivers who clean up accident scenes and their spouses/partners. This demographic was chosen due to the commonality of experiences they share through the service they provide to the country and community. We have a special interest and support volunteer first responders as they are not eligible for programs such as Workers' Compensation.

OSI-CAN Target Demographic

Our mission is to inspire hope and contribute to the continuous well-being and recovery process of Veterans and Front Line Protectors across Canada.


We seek to empower and encourage them to strive for recovery through peer and professional support while creating greater public awareness.

We at OSI-CAN do not see PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a Disorder, we see it as an Injury you can recover from.  If you are suffering from the symptoms of an Occupational or Operational Stress Injury, then a PTSD or PTSI diagnosis is not required to get our help

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